diary dates prayer prompts

Time for thanksgiving

Give thanks for the harvest and for all that we are blessed with materially

Pray for our Church

Give thanks for our Church and for all that we are blessed with spiritually

Pray for Stranorlar the congregation and other local churches.

Pray for God’s blessing on the congregations and particularly those in leadership

Pray for our Missionaries.

Pray for Alma, John and Anya as they settle in to Mayotte and Frances as she is back in Saclapea for her last few weeks before returning home

Donegal PC Prayer Page
Diary Dates Elder Prayer Time

Elders meet for prayer each Sunday morning from 10.30 to 11.00am and Prayer requests can be given to an elder any Sunday before 10.30am

5 Things to Pray for your Church

Donegal Town Presbyterian Church Prayer

Prayer Schedule

Praying that my church would...

  • 1. Remember what we are
  • 2. Be a body growing in maturity
  • 3. Be devoted to one another
  • 4. Love and serve one another
  • 5. Hold to the truth
  • 6. Make known God’s glory
  • 7. Give generously

Praying that I would...

  • 8. Use my gifts well
  • 9. Persevere when I get weary
  • 10. Be who my family need me to be

Praying for people in my church

  • 11. A church leader
  • 12. My small group
  • 13. Children’s work
  • 14. The youth work
  • 15. Not-yet-Christians
  • 16. Mercy ministries
  • 17. The elderly

Praying for the universal church

  • 18. Another church in our area
  • 19. Our mission partner
  • 20. The global church
  • 21. The unreached
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