diary dates prayer prompts

Pray for Roots

Growing depth - Praying for depth in an increasingly shallow world

Pray for Love

Growing warmth - Praying for a grasp of the experience of Christ’s love, not just knowing the facts about it, in an increasingly cold world

Pray for Power

Growing confidence – Praying for God to be at work in us and through us in an increasingly apathetic world

Pray for Togetherness

Growing unity – Praying for a oneness in an increasingly fragmented world

Pray for Fullness

Growing maturity – Praying for the lived wisdom of God in an increasingly juvenile world

Diary Dates Elder Prayer Time

Elders meet for prayer each Sunday morning from 10.30 to 11.00am and Prayer requests can be given to an elder any Sunday before 10.30am

Prayer points from Frances in Liberia

We give thanks for all God has done and is doing.

Pray that we connect and engage the local community in Vai Town

Pray for God's love, grace and courage for me as I meet the community

Pray for Gods ongoing provision for the work

We will need to kit out the new premises in a small way

Pray for safe travels

The roads and the driving is not what we are used to. It takes 1½ hrs for me to get across to Vai Town in peak traffic and 45 mins on a motorbike.

Pray for the trauma healing groups

Pray for the trauma healing groups that are happening that God touches people as they start the journey of healing and restoration.

Pray for my family at home while I am absent

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